Born 6-05-2023

Father: Kobus

Mother: Lala

6 kittens, cinnamon, odd eyed, blue eyes  (carrying.


Kenzo selkirk straight male shorthair

Black white  blue eyes (free


Brownie selkirk rex male longhair

Choco harlequin  (free


 Brodway selkirk rex male shorthair

Red  (free


Venice selkirk rex female longhair

red/white harlequin (free


kara selkirk rex female longhair

choco tortie(free


Yoko selkirk rex female shorthair

tricolor blue eyes (stay in cattery

free: not interested yet

option: people come to watch

reserved: a deposit has been made

sold: kittens are with their new staff

All our kittens are vaccinated and chipped and receive a passport,  they have been checked by the vet.

They get pedigree if they are neutered or spayed, or otherwise discussed.

they only go along with mutual good feelings.

they can go to their new staff between 13 weeks and 15 weeks.

Cattery Allegonda