I bred selkirk rex a long time ago, it was in the beginning that there were few curls left on the pedigree, and they were still working on what should ultimately be the standard type and there was a lot of crossbreeding with British shorthair and longhair and perzish. I was more busy breeding curl on curl to get more selkirk rex in the pedigree, and to get the final selkirk rex out of what it should be (standard), a cat that also just curling through would give a homozygote.

I then had my first homozygous pussy born splendor of a tricollor pussy with firm fine little curls I had called them Fleur Allegonda (born 2004 see picture belowe)when I applied for her pedigree I can remember that the association asked me what is a homozygote I answer that, that is what a selkirk rex is supposed to be that only gives curl through. the type and construction of a homozygote I found to have a slightly narrow construction, I thought it was much more like the devon rex and the cosnic rex. but the standard selkirk rex after that it was determined what the selkirk rex should be officially, that was one that looked a lot more like a british cat construction. I myself think the difference is big compared to the other rex species are in sheepskin.

After many years of being away, I recently started looking after selkirk rex and I saw an breeder with a beautiful male selkirk rex longhair ,also british shorthair in odd eyed

Every now and then kittens will be born, when the time comes you can see them under born. 

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